Natural Treatment For Lice Infestation

Many a times, I get calls from panicked parents asking

if I provide lice treatment. I understand that it can be embarrassing, at times even frustrating and annoying but lice infestation can be dealt and handled. It is a total myth that infestation of lice occurs only in dirty hair as it can occur rapidly on clean healthy hair. It is best that the whole family gets themselves checked for lice infestation if any and get themselves treated together.

Always inform the school or nursery or close family members living in the same house when the kids are infected with lice as there is a possibility for others to have caught it too. Lice are unable to fly. They crawl and move at a very fast pace. Lice can be contacted through clothing, bed sheets, pillow cases. towels, hair brushes, hair accessories, etc. Hence all these will have to be washed in hot water. Soft toys can be vacuum packed for 2 weeks.

As lice are now resistant to most drugs due to mutation, there are natural options that do work and are much better than harmful conventional insecticide based options. Lice treatment can be done and best be done at home. Some simple tools you would need are a nit comb (to brush out the lice and nits or lice eggs), a plastic shower cap and a scarf.

1. Spray organic apple cider vinegar on to the hair and wait for it to dry. (you may also add 1/2 cup salt + 1/4 cup water). This concoction does not really kill lice but helps to remove nit easily during combing it with a nit comb.

2 Once hair is dry, apply ½ cup coconut +1/2 cup of olive oil + 1 teaspoon of Tea Tree Oil. You may also add a few drops of anise seed oil if available. Apply the oil liberally to the scalp and hair and immediately wear a shower cap/scarf. Leave it overnight,a minimum of 8 – 9 hours. This treatment will kill the lice as the oils will suffocate them.

3. The next day, use the nit comb and brush the hair to remove the lice and nits. Part hair into sections and ensure that every section is combed with the nit comb.

Pay special attention to areas around the ear,nape and the base area where the hair is tied up.

4. Shampoo hair with a Tea Tree Shampoo. Ensure that all bed sheets and linen are changed to prevent re infestation.

5. Alternatively you may use a flat iron to iron hair. You will hear popping sounds as the nits are burnt by the iron. You can than use the nit comb and brush the hair.

6. The key here is patiently combing and removing all the nits as these nits will hatch into lice. If you miss a nit and it’s hatched than the whole cycle is repeated. Hence repeat all the above till there are no nits seen. Continue the routine of checking weekly for a month. Take Breaks, breathe and repeat all the above.

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