H2O: Just Add Water

It is indeed an irony the way we Malaysians treat water. We are so frugal with consumption of water but we stand in the shower longer than we need to, use copious amount of water to wash our cars or leave the tap running while we brush our teeth

When it comes to drinking H20 we reach instead for the boutique coffees, “teh- tariks, “limau-nipis ais”, carbonated drinks or drinking on endless colas. The next time you step out for lunch, observe all those sitting having lunch or dinner. How many are actually sipping water ?

We live in such a hot climate. We cocoon ourselves in air conditioned rooms and then we complain that our skin is dehydrated while splurging on wine, liquor or various miracle creams and potions.

What we actually need is water. Water helps our body to flush out waste and stay at the right temperature. We loose water daily from our breath sweat, bowel movements and urine. Living in a hot climate like ours, we loose more fluids. If we wait to feel thirsty, our body would already have lost 1% of its body weight. A hydrated body is able to transport chemical messages, hormones, nutrients and oxygen to our organs more effectively. Water also helps boost proper cell production and cleansing toxins through our kidneys.

You want a healthy skin, drink water. You want your teenager to have less breakouts than encourage them to drink adequate amount of water to flush those toxins out. Get the basics right. Knowing is not enough if you do not practice drinking H20.

You need to drink at least 1.5 – 3L of water pending on the weather and your activities. This excludes the coffees, teas or carbonated drinks. A good way to gauge is to observe your urine. If you are drinking sufficient amount of water, your urine would be clear or pale yellow. If your urine is dark yellow than increase your water intake. Should you have kidney or heart related problems that it is best you seek your doctor’s advice.

You can also calculate the amount of water you need to drink to keep hydrated.

Your weight in kg divided by 0.024 = how many milliliters of water your body requires each day.

Example if you weight 60 kgs, than 60 x 0.024 = 2,500Ml, 2.5L.

Some clients tell me that they forget to drink even when the water bottle is next to them as they get so immersed in their work. In that case just set a half hourly or hourly timer on your handphone as a reminder. Educate young children at the end of every period in school, to drink some water.

There are also clients who have told me that they do not like the taste of water. Well than flavor the water. Add lemon, slices of fruit, basil, mint leaves, lemon grass or even cinnamon sticks.

For more ideas on how to flavor water, check out this site and have fun : http://www.theyummylife.com/Flavored_Water

If you are running a marathon or engaging in a sport activity for more than an hour ensure that you are also drinking electrolytes as a sudden drop of sodium may cause cramps.

So before you splurge on that Cream De La Mer, you may want to check on how much water you are drinking.

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