Cari Pasal Hair Loss (Traction Alopecia)

"Cari Pasal Hair Loss" as I call it is actually Traction Hair Loss or

Traction Alopecia.

Alopecia means hair loss. Reason I call it “Cari Pasal” is because this type of hair loss is caused by YOU !!

First stand in front of a mirror and look at your hair margin & your frontal hair line.

How long have you had that same parting? Are there any wide gaps in your current parting?

How long have you had your hair tied up on a high pony tail, a bun or tight braids?

If you have kids, take a look at the way you tie or braid their hair. It troubles me to see traction hair loss in young children when the solution is really simple.

The same hair margin, the high pony tail, the same hair bun, usage of tight or heavy clips and pins, hair tied into tight braids causes constant traction and pull which precipitates hair loss. You will notice your hair line receding across your side, temple area or the hair margin getting wider. The wider the gap indicates that you have hair loss due to the constant traction and stress endured by your scalp.

Traction Alopecia is reversible but if you do not take any action early, the constant continuous traction, pull and strain will inflame the hair follicles leading to permanent hair loss. Once there is noticeable difference on that part of the scalp, the hair loss may be permanent. Traction Alopecia does not happen overnight. This takes years to happen, hence catch it early and practice the following simple steps.

Simple Steps You Can Take

  1. Always alternate the hair margin/parting. If you had the parting for a long time, give it a rest for at least 6 months. Change the parting to the opposite side. Thereafter always alternate either monthly or every 3 months. The resting phase for the parting would depend on how much hair you have lost.This will help restore hair growth.

2. Stop using heavy clips, pins, claws and wearing your hair in the same style.

3. If you have thick heavy hair, it is best to have multiple partings to help evenly distribute the weight of the hair on the scalp.

4. Never, never ever tie your hair or braid it when it’s wet.

5. When sleeping at night, if you need to tie your hair than make sure it’s loosely tied or braided.

6. Avoid frequent chemical hair coloring or chemical bleaching as this causes hair strands to be brittle and to break easily. Opt for Organic Hair Coloring or Organic Hair Care Treatments.

7. Avoid using weaves or hair extensions as this only creates further Traction Alopecia.

Whenever you can, just leave your hair loose. This is the best thing you can do for your hair is just by going natural and leaving it loose as long as you can. This will help hair to restore itself and heal.

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