Ice Ice Baby

Every time I advice clients to Ice their face, I always get a surprise or puzzled look but when I see them on their next session, they would rave about the simplicity of the treatment and the results noticed and achieved.

In the quest of trying the next latest product more often than not the simple yet effective steps are overlooked and ignored. Removing makeup prior going to bed and wearing sunscreen in the mornings are just as important as brushing your teeth twice a day.

Ice Application

Ice application is done after cleansing or a facial scrub. The key principal here is to Ice Clean Skin. Hold the ice and apply it directly all over your face. If you have a delicate skin whereby your veins are visible than do not apply the ice directly as it may cause the fine veins to burst. Hold the ice in a towel and do cold compression's instead.

What Are The Benefits

1. Reduction of Pores, Zits, Pimples & Acne

Ice application can help reduce pore size, swelling and inflammation. Ice also helps to cleanse the skin and pushes toxins into one’s blood stream. These toxins are than flushed out through the body’s elimination process. Hence drinking copious amount of water would be beneficial along with daily Ice applications on the skin.

2. Relieves Dry Skin

Through Ice Application, skin receives moisture and this helps hydrate the skin. It helps the removal of dead cells too. Follow this with your night application of serum and you will begin to notice your skin being more hydrated than before.

3. Alleviates Sunburn

This is a great and simple choice as it helps to reduce the burning or itchy sensation. It also helps to cool and soothe the skin.

4. Reduces Oily “Shiny Skin”

The ice helps to reduce and control the activity of sebaceous glands in the skin. You will notice your skin will remain hydrated minus the “oily shine”.

5. Brightens & Tones Skin

Your skin will appear smoother, fresh and hydrated.You may also ice your face prior applying your base and makeup and you will notice a better application which stays on longer too.

6. Reduce Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

Here instead of direct ice application, wet facial cotton, soaked in ice water, or use frozen tea bags or even sliced cold cucumbers,placed on closed eyes are helpful. This followed by a light massage will give you a visible improvement.

7. Reduction of Wrinkles & Premature Ageing

Yes, you heard me right. Ice application increases blood flow to your skin which is crucial for skin health. Ice also helps to exercise your “facial muscles” hence this will give you a healthy radiant look.

So you see that little simple ice cube from your freezer can help you in the quest for maintaining a natural healthy radiant beautiful skin.

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