Your Hair Is A Reflection Of What You Eat

YOUR HAIR IS A REFLECTION OF WHAT YOU EAT Your Organic Hair, Beauty & Waxing Saloon, TTDI, Kuala Lumpur. Do you know that Your Hair Is A Reflection of What You Eat? The health of your hair is an indication of your inward health. A good health will show a healthy skin and lustrous hair. Hence it is crucial to practice a healthy diet for Healthy Hair.


Hair is made of keratine (protein). Lack of protein in the diet will cause hair to be dry,hurt brittle and weak. greek yogurt, eggs, lean chicken, fish,legumes & nuts are a good source of protein. Greek yoghurt also contains vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid which helps to prevent hair loss and you will find that most hair products carry this ingredient on their label. If you are a vegetarian it would be good that you consume lots of milk, greek yoghurt,legumes and incorporate nuts in your diet. Protein will help you have strong and healthy hair.


Lack of iron in the body causes anaemia which in turn causes hair loss. One can do "iron studies" which is a blood investigation to detect if there is a deficiency in iron. A good blood supply is needed for hair follicles to receive nutrition for them to grow. Food such as spinach,kale,bok choy, chickpeas,eggs are rich in iron.

Vitamin A

Vegetables which are red/yellow/orange color such as pumpkin,sweet potato,papaya & carrots are rich in Vitamin A. Lack of Vitamin A causes scalp to produce less sebum. Lack of sebum causes scalp to be dry & itchy. Hair will look dull, dry & frizzy.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is not only an antioxidant but it also aids in iron absorption too. Hence it is always good to consume this food group with the iron enriched food group. Vitamin C can be found in papayas,oranges,kiwi, guava and broccoli.

Minerals & Vitamin such as Biotin and Zinc

A lack of minerals and vitamins can also precipitate hair loss. Zinc deficiency can be seen on nails as white lines. Zinc is crucial for cellular metabolism. Biotin assist in the thickness of hair and nails. Include foods such as nuts, eggs,beans and spinach into your diet.

If you are experiencing hair loss,it will be good for you to incorporate the above food groups and you will notice an improvement within 6 months. For faster results you may schedule an Organic Hair Treatment sesion with us. Do not be surprised as you will notice that in your treatment we will include a concoction of Fruits, Herbs & Essential Oils which are shown to you before being blended in front of you. This concoction of "Food for Your Hair", gives Excellent Results, Visible even after the very 1st session & will be Notice by YOU. So what are you waiting for?

These sessions are great for both men and women including those who are having postnatal hair fall. Now only for RM 150, NR RM 350, including Free Consultation. Each session is about 70 - 90 minutes, all by prior appointment.

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