5 Reasons Why You Should Wax With Us

The Organic Wax + my "Secret Herbs" used here is hand made by me and gives amazing results. I have been making this Organic Wax since 2011 when I first started my business though have only been active recently on social media.

This Organic Wax also tastes very "Yummy" and Yes, You can have and suck on it here for Free :-)

Here, I give you 5 Reasons as to why you should Wax with us.

1) Our Organic Wax is totally Edible and Tastes Yummy. Why then resort to using Chemicals On Your Skin or Intimate Area?

2) Most importantly too, with Our Organic Wax, Hair Regrowth is Lesser, Slower & Finer, even down south (brazilian) :-)

3) Organic Wax also moisturises your skin hence leaving your skin feeling Smooth & Supple

4) Our Rates are Friendly to Your Pocket :)

5) We provide a Friendly and Comfortable Atmosphere

Services are provided by prior appointment. Call us at 03 7725 3897, 11 am - 9 pm, Wednesday - Mondays. Close on Tuesdays.

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Instagram: simranb_beauty

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