100%  Natural,Organic, Edible Wax

Our customers rave about our Organic Waxing services. Our wax is completely organic and is hand made by our founder, Gurjit (Jee). 

8 Benefits Waxing  With Us -: 

🌿 Our Organic/Natural Wax is totally Edible and Tastes Yummy

🌿 Hair Regrowth is Lesser       

🌿 Hair Regrowth is Slower 

🌿 Hair Regrowth is Finer         

🌿 Your Skin is Moisturised

🌿 Our Rates are Super Friendly to Your Pocket

🌿 Friendly and Comfortable Atmosphere

🌿 Fresh Wax Pot For Every Customer

Do talk to our therapists to know more about our Organic Wax.



Waxing Prices
RM 80
RM 50


Threading services are provided here too and we use antibacterial threads. Grooming the eyebrows using the threading thread helps to shape the eyebrow better as the thread can easily be maneouvered around the eyebrow.

Our services are truly friendly to your pocket.

Threading Prices

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