Hair Loss/Dandruff/Oily  Scalp Treatments

A one stop treatment that helps with Hair Loss and other issues

This 100% Natural concoction is made by our founder Gurjit (Jee), using herbs, flowers, seeds, leaves, organic cold pressed virgin oils, essential oils, fruits and yoghurt.


Hair Loss is a sign that there is something lacking in the body and this concoction is able to meet and supply that lack, hence results can be experienced as fast as the first session. This treatment is also customised for dandruff/oily /dry/itchy scalp & hair. It is also customised for  hair damaged by chemical treatments.


You will notice for yourselves lesser hair fall/loss. Hair looking healthier, shinier & manageable. This treatment is suitable for both men and women including postnatal women. A private room for our Muslim female clients is available too, upon request.


There are many factors which can precipitate hair loss. During the free consultation, factors precipitating Hair Loss for the client are identified and the client is advised accordingly.  The treatment service is customised for each and every client




Behind The Scenes

Why do clients see results very fast?


Well that's simply because everything is carefully selected, blended, sieved, grounded and handmade by our founder, Gurjit (Jee) 

A lot of time is taken to prepare these concoctions, however the results are worth all the time and work put in to make them. 

Some of the many ingredients include indian red roses, rosa sinensis, or commonly known as hibiscus, gooseberries, shikakai, murraya koenigii, syzigium aromaticum and etc. Fruits which are frequently used are strawberries and avocado. 

The 100% Natural Concoction for Hair Issues

After the Consultation with the client, the selection for the concoction is shown to the client and thereafter blended after washing client's hair.

The Treatment Session

The blended concoction is spread and massaged over the client's scalp.


The scalp massage is followed by massage of the neck, shoulders and upper back. The massage helps to de-stress the client, aiding in relaxation which increases blood circulation, which in turn helps better penetration of the herbs in the concoction.


This is followed by a Hair Steam, Hair Wash and Blow Dry. 

Organic Hair Cream Bath Videos

Clients are advised not to wash their hair for the first 48 hours. Clients will notice improved hair texture and lesser hair fall from the first session. For best results, clients are advised to come for a weekly session for a minimum of 6 times. Just as one's body need healthy meals daily, this concoction fills the required lack in the client.


After every 6 sessions, the sessions are placed further apart. From weekly, the visits are now every two weeks, there after every three weeks and than once a month or when necessary.


Normal Rate for this session is RM 600. Promo Rate : RM 250. Please follow our Facebook Page or call to inquire for the current Promo Rate.        

Customised Treatments Can Be Delivered To Your Home

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