These Gel Organic Color range consists of 9 natural herbs which provides a natural  color. 

It also helps in removing hair problems like split ends, dandruff & hair fall.


The beauty of these Gel Colors is that they contain No PPD, No Ammonia, No Hydrogen Peroxide, No Heavy Metal .

Natural herbs like Henna, Jojoba Oil and Sunflower not only gives you color but also provides

UV protection, protects from dandruff & nourishes your hair scalp. It also provides a nice fragrance of orange.

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Amazing Aloe Vera Gel Tube constituents of Aqua Water (Himalayan Spring Water), Sunflower Oil, Orange Peel Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, and Jojoba Oil and gel-forming agents like Guar Gum, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Honey, some mild pigments and preservatives.Another special addition to these Gel Hair Colors that makes you enjoy the hair coloration is its appealing fruity aroma of sweet Oranges.

The Aloe Gel Tube can be divided into four segments to easily measure the quantity according to your hair length.

Base Natural Hair Color Sachets :

Pack Contains 4 sachets of hair color. Natural hair color prepared with the goodness of Organic Amla, Henna, Basil and coconut oil that presents long-lasting vibrant hair color with glossy hair texture meanwhile provides essential nutrients to the hair maintaining hair color vibrancy. Also it contains citric acid that promotes natural hair growth. The hair color if free of all harmful chemicals thus provides you the experience of Happy coloration with no itching & irritation.

Color  Protective Shampooing Conditioner :

Aloe Vera and Soya based Shampoo + Conditioner is a multi-functioning shampoo that protects the hair and hair color from all damages either heat or dirt and is helpful in other hair concerns like soothing the roughness and dryness. Valuable ingredients are Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Soya Beans Protein, Glycerin and some mild Foaming agents like Coco Betaine and others. Keeps your hair gently soft and being Soap/alkali Free, it is tear-free shampoo makes your hair color lasts long with the goodness of essential ingredients promoting hair quality too

Hair Smoothing Mask : Two Sachets of  Chemical-free hair smoothing Hair Spa Masks are also included in the box. It contains Aqua (Himalayan Spring Water), Wheatgerm Extract, Hydrolyzed Wheat protein, and Sweet Almond Oil. Spa masks will give extra conditioning, and provide you with smooth and shiny hair. The spa masks are best used by those who suffer from damaged hair and want to get extra smoothness after the coloration. This Masks gives you an amazing Hair Spa Experience in the comfort of your home.

The Gel Hair  Color Box Kit also includes an applicator brush, a pair of gloves and an instruction leaflet.



Indus Valley Gel Hair Colors are Certified with Organic India, Ecocert Pvt. Ltd. and USDA Organic. The gel has   been laboratory tested for safety and purity but we are strictly against animal testing. Indus Valley Gel hair colors are recommended by Dermatologists or doctors worldwide

How To Apply

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For best results, do apply on clean hair. Use the Protective Shampoo and the Hair Mask. Pick the Organic Gel Hair Color closest to your hair colour.

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