Heanna Hair & Herbs

Hair is assesed than washed prior the mixing and application of the Heanna. Herbs are added accordingly based on each individual's hair needs. Pre and post treatment photos can be viewed on our Instagram page.

The Heanna is left on the hair for 90 minutes after application. Hair is than washed and given a blow dry. While waiting you may opt to have relaxing full body massage. Hence we encourage prior appointments.

Heanna Hair Pricing 

Short Boy Cut Hair                           NR RM 150 +                          Now : RM 120 +

Above Shoulders                              NR RM 180 +                          Now : RM 150 + 

Above Back Bra Strap                      NR RM 200 +                        Now : RM 180 +


Below Bra Strap - Each Add Inch  NR RM 20                              Now : RM 10

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