Organic Body Scrubs and Massages 

The Organic Body Scrubs are  completely organic and home made by our founder, Gurjit (Jee). They are prepared thoughtfully and are further customised according to individual skin needs.


Our Body Scrubs remove dead skin cells so that new cells will regenerate and  in turn will provide you with more a youthful looking skin. 

Choice of Essential Oils

T- tree, peppermint, ylang - ylang, eucalyptus, and Lavender.

You may select any one of the above essential oils for your massage session.

Organic Body Scrubs.

Heavenly chocolate, refreshing orange and stimulating coffee

You may select any one of the above scrubs for your session. 

Massage Prices / Massage and Body Scrub Packages


Breasts Massage 
Ovary & Uterus Massage 

Benefits :

1. Maintain shape and prevent sagging breasts 

2. Reduce breasts pain and discomfort 

3. Reduce risks of cysts and breasts disease 

4. Helps nursing mothers increase blood flow

5. Makes the breasts skin soft, supple and resilient

6. Relieves lymphatic, congestion and increase circulation 

7. Increase good posture 

Experience the difference yourself from the very first session with our highly trained and experienced masseuse. Each session is 60 minutes. 


Normal Rate : RM 198

Now : RM 99 

Benefits :

1. Helps reduce period cramps

2. Helps to reduce PMS symptoms 

3. Increases the flow of blood circulation around the reproductive system

4. Improves hormonal function 

5. Reduces stress

Come and experience the skillful hands of our senior massage therapist. This is a blissful relaxing session of 60 minutes.

Normal Rate : RM 198

Now : RM 99

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