Customised Bespoke Treatments For  Hair

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How Do I Order The Customised Treatment ?

(Currently Available for Kuala Lumpur/Selangor Delivery Only)
  1. Select From Package A or B bases on your hair issues and number of hair packs .  

​  2.  Make Payment.

  3. Answer the Qustionaire Sent. We  will analyse this followed by a phone call from

      founder for via phone consultation.

 4. Your Concoction is Customized (48 hours). Your fresh frozen concoction  will 

      reach you within 1 hour upon delivery.

 5. Place Your Customised Concoctions in the FREEZER

 6. Use the password and login into Our Exclusive Membership Page and       

     watch Videos as to How I do The Treatment On My Hair. Reach to speak to me on       whatsapp  for any clarifications  (Mon -  Sat, 2 pm - 5 pm).

 7. Watch All The Videos There & You  are On The Path to Having Healthy


Select Pack A  or Pack B Based on 1 or More  Hair Issues.

Pack A ( For 1 Hair Issue : any 1 as listed below)
Hair Loss/Thinning or (Dandruff/Eczema/Itchy scalp) or  Dry/Oily Hair or "Damaged" Hair due to Chemical Color/Rebonding)
Pack B ( For 2 or More Hair Issues: any issues as listed below)
Hair Loss/Thinning + (Dandruff/Eczema/Itchy scalp) +  Dry/Oily Hair or "Damaged Hair" due to Chemical Color/Rebonding)

Select  Quantity either Pack  A or Pack B. More Savings when you buy more. 

Free Delivery Available for Bank In Transfer

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3 Customised Hair Treatment Packs : RM 369
(Save RM 231)
3 Customised Hair Treatment Packs : RM 429
(Save RM 321)

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