Benefits of Bio Organic Henna

Bio Organic Henna, Soft Black (NR RM 36.55)
  • 100% Organic Henna Hair Color.

  • Pesticide-Free, No Fertilizer, No Chemicals.

  • Gives Natural looking Black Hair Color.

  • Combination of Henna, Colourless Henna & Indigo.

  • Triple Refined Microfine Quality Powder.

  • Suit all allergic to hypoallergic people.

  • Natural substitute to chemical hair dyes or color.

RM 29.99 Free Shipping Peninsular Malaysia
Bio Organic Henna, Dark Brown (NR RM 36.55)
  • 100% Herbal and Organic.

  • Combination of henna, colorless henna and indigo

  • Triple shifted, micro fined powder.

  • Directly sourced from fresh Henna gardens.

  • No Pesticides and no synthetic fertilizers being used.

  • No animal testing of products.

  • Vibrant cocoa-colored dark brown natural hair color.

  •  Suitable for both Men & Women

  • Organic Hair Color enriched with essential nutrients and herbs.

RM 29.99 Free Shipping Peninsular Malaysia

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