About Us 


Simran Beyond Beauty is an Organic Beauty Saloon and was set up with the idea to provide a sanctuary where one can be whisked away from the normal hustle and bustle of life. "Simran" means reminiscence  and unforgettable. Thus, we aim to provide you that Simran Organic experience.


Services are provided in a serene ambience and tranquillity. Our carefully thought out treatments are unique as they are catered and are further customised to each client's individual's needs to rejuvenate both body and mind.


We use 100% natural ingredients in our treatment sessions thus your skin and hair are in for a treat.


We have been featured in a number of media outlets including :

We were featured in Harian Metro twice for our Hair Cream Bath treatment that is proven to help fight hair loss We were featured in 1 Twenty 80 magazine for our Hair HerbsWe were featured in Mingguan Wanita twice, once for our Organic Hair Treatment and once for our Organic Waxing 

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